Founder Member
Kids'Ville has been inaugurated in 2008; the concept  is to be a place dedicated to the activites for the family. The concept is unique with a child care centre opened during the week, it changes during the week end as playground, birthday and Corporate family day parties venue.
The childcare centre, authorised by the Luxembourguish Education Ministry, has the mission to help parents to balance the working life with family needs as well as to contribute to the child social, emotional and physical developpement. 
Our goal is to get the child used living in a multicultural environment rich and stimulating to develop the curiosity and the interest for learning. 
The child lives several experiences and is stimulated with sensorial experiences and social interactions with the environment. We are a place where parents meet and share their personal experiences. We represent for the family the main point of reference for the socialisation, integration and the social sharings.
In order to pursue our mission, we are committed to put in place comprehensif actions to stimulate the child, to strenght his trust, using a methodology respecting his needs, rythm and parents’ expectations. Of course we accept the cheque service. 
Our committment for childhood began to be of public interest in 2014 founding together wih 5 other certers the FELSEA (non governmental organization forchildcare certers) in order to represent and protect childhood sector.
We are also involved actively in social activites of public interest such as the environmental protection with responsible actions for recycling materials and fincancing charity events. 
Our concept has been publicly recognised in various competitions : Woman Manager ofthe year in 2011 and Inspiring Woman of the year in 2012. 
We invite your children to discover behond the walls our kingdom especially made for them, bright and spacious where laugh and good mood is in the atmosphere. 
Childhood is about story tales and imagination. Each child imagines its own world in Kids’Ville and make it happen ! 
See you soon.  

Fabiana Caruso