Eating good,for good living!


A good diet with good food it’s within everyone essential for growth and development. We pay a lot of attention to the nourishment of children in the childcare: for the quality and for the healthy food served. The meals, prepared by the nutritionist and produced by Dussmann company, are varied and balanced adapted to each age group.


The ingredients used to prepare the meal are fresh and season food, we ensure as much as possible local products and coming from a biological agriculture. Regarding the fish and the seafood, they belong to a respectful fishing.

The meals are inspired monthly by a theme concerning local calendar festivities and also to highlight the flavors of other countries (ex. : italian, maroc,indian, etc.).

Breastfeed is the most natural and adapted to the need of the child. We encourage and give the possibility to the mother to come in our facility to breastfeed. A comfortable and warm spot, good for this sharing and privacy moment, is installed for the mother and the child. If it is not possible for the mother to come, we propose to continue the breastfeed receiving the mother milk in the bottle.


In accordance with the nutritionist we have drawn up a menu for each group age:

·        children from 0 to 6 months: vegetable soup;

·        children from 6 to 12 months: full meal smushed;

·        children from 12 months on: full meal with starter(salad bar in summer, soup in the winter).

We are able to satisfy the requests for special meals:  vegetarian, without porc, without specific allergens.

We serve the dessert and the afternoon snack that we prepare ourselves in the respect of the food pyramid needs for a child in terms of calories and energy.

To increase children awareness of the importance for a varied, balanced and respectful diet, it is necessary the active participation of the parents and children no matter the child age and development.

The child discovers the various products and flavors together with the teacher thanks to the different play activities. 


Our meal service is arranged in different moments and kitchens with small groups to guarantee the calm and the time to explain. This is a very important moment for us to establish a contact with children and for children between them together in a spirit of responsibility and community: to eat must become a pleasure!